Coaching: Setting and achieving goals is a beautiful thing.  However, it can be extremely challenging to sift through all of the details and drama in order to answer two simple questions:

1) What do I want?;

2) How am I going to get there?

A coach’s job is to help an individual or team find clarity and achieve success.

Wanting to figure out next-steps in your career?  Need to work through issues with someone on your team or in your life?  Thinking about coming out to friends/family/colleagues?  Ready to live a healthier life?

It can sometimes be hard to move things forward on your own or with the guidance (noise?) coming from people who are all-too-eager to tell you what they think you should do.  A coach is there solely for you, wanting to listen, ask you insightful questions, help you find your right answers, and encourage you to go for your dreams! You deserve happiness and a coach is there to help you achieve just that.

Tom Bourdon became a certified life coach (at New York University) in 2007.  He has used his coaching skills to help motivated individuals get the clarity and support they need in order to set goals and set forth on a path towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

One-on-one coaching sessions with Tom are typically conducted via phone or Skype.  Each session lasts 50-minutes and engagements typically consist of 12 weekly (or bi-weekly) sessions.

Are you motivated to make some positive change in your life?  If so, contact Tom and arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what your looking for, how the engagements work, and if coaching is right for you.