Consulting & Facilitation

Quite often companies are in need of an expert in a specific area or an outside perspective. When this is the case, they need a reliable person who has a strong grasp of the subject matter they are dealing with and who can help get the job done.

Tom Bourdon began consulting with companies on LGBTQ issues early on in his career, when he was working at university LGBTQ Centers and would often get calls from companies looking for guidance.  Tom eventually broadened his own work to focus on broader Diversity & Inclusion issues, and the consulting and facilitation work he was doing for both for-profit and non-profit companies also continued to expand in scope.

Does your for-profit or non-profit company need help:

  • figuring out how to have an impact;
  • setting strategy (strategic planning);
  • updating statements and policies;
  • addressing emerging employee diversity issues (such as gender-neutral restrooms);
  • recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of applicants/employees;
  • creating targeted messaging;
  • facilitating partnerships;
  • engaging stakeholders?

Bourdon has worked with large and small companies who have needed trusted guidance in these areas and he can helps yours, too. Click here to contact Tom about his consulting and facilitation services.