Project Management

Project Management

Let’s face it: Capacity is always an issue. While Diversity & Inclusion is an inherent value for so many companies, most don’t have (enough) staff dedicated to doing this work. What often ends up happening is that the employees who are most passionate about D&I take on a great deal of ‘extra’ work in order to make things better…and typically end up burning out doing so.  Solution?  Bringing in an outsider on a short-term (and sometimes long-term) basis to get things rolling or help pick up the slack.

Tom Bourdon has the experience and passion to assist companies that are looking to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts in the following ways:

  • assessing the climate of your workplace;
  • analyzing and updating policies and benefits to make them more inclusive and equitable;
  • improving your ability to attract, hire, and retain a diverse pool of talented staff;
  • figuring out strategies that help make your company culture and environment more diverse, inclusive, and equitable;
  • serving as a coach and adviser for employee resource groups (ERGs);
  • facilitating group conversations and serving as an intermediary when dealing with challenging employee situations;
  • improving employee/customer satisfaction;
  • setting and exceeding D&I goals;
  • being an employer of choice.

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