LGBTQ Training

LGBTQ Training: Everyone’s time is extremely valuable.  You want to create an LGBTQ-inclusive space, but it’s challenging to get employees to show up for a training, stay engaged, and apply what they’ve learned to their work.  When companies only have a short period of time to cover complex LGBT topics, they need someone who is able to deliver.

With nearly 15 years experience, Bourdon is a seasoned facilitator and trainer on LGBTQ issues.  Whether you need someone to work with your HR team, Employee Resource Group (ERG), managers/site leaders, or entire company, Bourdon is experienced and ready to bring your company an experience that has an impact and is well-worth everyone’s time.

Examples of LGBTQ topics:

  • Creating an LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplace and Responding to Challenges and Bias (Manager Training)
  • Dissecting Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
  • Focusing on the LGBT: Understanding and Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Employees
  • How To Be an Ally and Create Safe Spaces
  • Intersectionality: We Ain’t All Gay/White/Rich/Men
  • Let’s Talk Numbers: The “Business Argument” for Why It Makes Sense to be LGBTQ-Friendly
  • State of the Union: What’s Going On In Your State, the US, and Across the World for LGBTQ People
  • Strengthening Your ERG and Having a Impact The Makes You (and Your Company) Proud (ERG Training)
  • The Social Justice Lens: Awareness Into Power, Privilege, Oppression, Unconscious Bias, and Microaggression
  • The Modern Family: We are All Connected Into the LGBTQ Community