Tom Bourdon offers the following services:

Coaching: Setting and achieving goals is a beautiful thing.  However, it can be extremely challenging to sift through all of the details and drama in order to answer two simple questions: 1) What do I want?; 2) How am I going to get there?  A coach’s job is to help an individual or team find clarity and achieve success.  Click here to read more about Coaching Services.

Consulting & Facilitation: Quite often companies are in need of an expert in a specific area or with an outside perspective.  When this is the case, they need a reliable consultant who has a strong grasp of the subject matter they are dealing with and who can help get the job done.  Click here to read more about Consulting & Facilitation Services.

LGBT Training, Workshops and Seminars: Everyone’s time is extremely valuable.  It’s challenging to get employees to show up for a training session, stay engaged, and apply what they’ve learned to their work.  When companies only have a short period of time to cover complex topics related to Diversity & Inclusion, they need a trainer who is able to deliver.  Click here to read more about LGBTQ Training Services.

Project Management: Let’s face it: Capacity is always an issue. While Diversity & Inclusion is an inherent value for so many companies, most don’t have (enough) staff dedicated to doing this work.  What often ends up happening is that employees who are most passionate about D&I take on a great deal of ‘extra’ work in order to make things better…and typically end up burning out in the process.  Solution?  Bringing in an outsider on a short-term basis to get things rolling or help pick up the slack.  Click here to read more about Project Management Services.

Bourdon is based in the Boston area, but has provided services throughout New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont) and is available to travel anywhere in the US.