I would highly recommend Tom Bourdon based on both his background and his tremendous passion and commitment. I first met Tom while working at Franciscan Children’s where he supported our efforts to create awareness and education for our leaders to better support our LGBT community.  Most recently, I reached out to Tom to engage him in a consulting role related to our Diversity and Inclusion efforts here at Bottom Line.  Tom comes with vast knowledge in many areas related to Human Resources, including Diversity and Inclusion, but also extensive leadership experience which has proven to be a testament to helping me executive our 2017 Diversity and Inclusion strategy.  Tom’s passion, commitment and persistence have made him an invaluable asset to the success of our efforts. As someone who has worked in human resources for most of my career, I feel like I have a good sense of who the right person is to connect with employees and Leadership, and execute in a fast-paced environment.  Tom Bourdon leaves no doubt in my mind that he is that person.

~Lori Neuner
Senior Director of Talent
Bottom Line


Tom’s knowledge, experience, and inclusive approach to delivering the content of the training session was fantastic. He created a safe educational environment that allowed us to grapple with, and better understand, how power, privilege, and place impact us daily and are embedded within our interactions. His social justice approach to diversity and inclusion training truly helped us recognize the strengths and limitations of one’s own worldview on communication with others. The resource guide he created for our group will help ensure we continue to work towards a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment for all students.

~Jermaine F. Williams, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs
North Shore Community College


I can’t tell you what a privilege it was getting to work with Tom. He made this whole process so easy and, dare I say, fun.

Just few things I learned…
· How to recognize my own privilege and put it to work to advocate on behalf of the most marginalized members of our community.
· How to create a safe space for people to learn about LGBTQ identity.
· I’m more aware of the way that I perform gender at work. Our trainings make me feel like I have greater permission to ‘live my truth’ at the office.

I’ve heard great feedback about the last training! I really believe we made a big impact. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we will miss working with him. I hope we have the pleasure of working together again soon.

~Joe Shapiro
Software Engineer & ERG Chair
Microsoft Corporation


I’ve worked with Tom on several training workshops over the last few months. Tom is perhaps the most knowledgeable diversity advocate and coach I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His unique blending of deep knowledge, approachability, and seemingly effortless style has exceeded my expectations. Tom partnered with our leadership teams to develop a comprehensive program tailored to our organization. His workshops encouraged participation and his warm personality eased every participant into joining the conversation. Frankly, I was amazed at how engaged my colleagues have become. Our community and allies have gained valuable insight thanks to Tom’s training. – Thank you, Tom.

~Dana Zircher
Principal Software Engineer
Microsoft Corporation


The post-workshop feedback confirms what I heard from everyone around me during and after the event: Tom’s skill at covering a lot of information in an accessible and warm way really knocked this event out of the park!

I really appreciated Tom’s attention to the range of diversity and intersectionality that comes with thinking about genders and sexualities. He is clearly able to handle so much more than LGBTQ-specific materials and experiences but he is also able to bring focus and clarity to the importance of LGBTQ lives in the workplace.

I’m so thankful that Tom was available to work with us and hope that this is just the beginning of our work together. Thank you for working at every level of our community—from GLEAM members and the site leadership team to our broader community.

Tom is such a clear communicator with the perfect balance of warmth, openness, and courage to lead that we needed!

~Mary Gray
Senior Researcher / Associate Professor 
Microsoft Research / Indiana University